Read up on the profiles of your favorite G.I. Joe members in this first of a four-issue limited series.

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G.I. Joe

Items of note

  • This issue is reprinted in the Order of Battle trade paperback.
  • While the title as seen on the cover is read as "The G.I. Joe Order of Battle", solicitations and references to it often use "G.I. Joe: Order of Battle" as the title.
  • Much of the information in the Joes' profiles is copied verbatim from their filecards, though some selections have slight differences.
  • There are a number of spelling change in the names:
    • Airborne is spelled Air-Borne
    • Airtight is spelled Air-Tight
    • Barbecue is spelled Barbeque
    • Crankcase is spelled Crank-Case
  • Instead of the A.W.E. Striker, Crankcase is the driver of the "Rampage".
  • Cross-Country's real name is listed as Arlen W. Slaughter. Instead of the H.A.V.O.C., he supposedly drives the "Rhino".
  • Cutter's entry contains alternate codenames, a different security number from his filecard and a more fully realized biography.
  • Deep Six also has a different security number and a less condensed biography.
  • Frostbite's page misspells his vehicle's name as "Sno-Cat" instead of Snow Cat.
  • Hawk's page uses the filecard content from his 1986 action figure.
  • Lift-Ticket's entry contains mention of the T.H.U.G. Transport Helicopter, a vehicle used for ground support.
  • Perhaps the most glaring difference between filecard and Order of Battle info is in Low-Light's page. They differ in recounting how Low-Light overcame his fear of the dark. In the filecard, he got lost in the woods while in this issue, he was forced by his father to hunt 20 rats. This may be our only insight to the amount of change a filecard goes through before it becomes printed on toy packaging.
  • No colorist is identified in the credits. Paul Becton is credited for the remainder of the series and is almost certainly the colorist of this issue as well.


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