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Larry Hama returns along with super-star Joe Benitez (Superman/Batman) and it's a silent issue with Snake-Eyes! Not to steal from Stan but, "'Nuff said."

—The description as originally solicited by IDW Publishing.

Detailed summary

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Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Russians Others
  • Female pilot (5)
  • Male pilot (6)
  • Security guards (4)

Memorable quotes

Note: As this was a silent issue, there were no quotes at all in the issue. There was, however, a haiku written by Larry Hama inside the front cover:

In the darkling wood
A leaf falls in silent arcs
Steel glints in shadow

Arashikage no Hebime[1]

Other notes


  • In one of the panels Snake-Eyes' Katana has a Tsuba (guard). In all the others it does not .
  • One of the AK-47's Snake-Eyes grabbed mysteriously grows a stock in the next panel .

Items of note

GJO IDW019ri
  • Hama often portrayed Snake-Eyes as being kind to animals. In this issue, he had already covertly infiltrated enemy territory, but willingly blew his own cover to help the wolf.
  • On page 18, the wolf's posture - head down, butt up - indicates that he wants to play. Awww!
  • The art on the Retailer Incentive cover is reused from Ashley Wood's Comic Pack homage.

Real-world references

  • The "Stan" mentioned in the solicitation is Stan Lee, known for his trademark quip of "'nuff said!"
  • The Russian helicopter is a Hind D.

Footnotes and References

  1. "Hebime" is a rough Japanese translation of "Snake-Eyes." Hebi = snake, me = eye.

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