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Psychologist Dr. Lester Horvath is a rising star in Cobra: he has developed a number scheme to categorize recruits, and its implementation has shaped Cobra into a well-oiled machine. Michael Monk is a failure - jobless, broke, on the verge of suicide. When a therapy test brings startling results, Dr. Horvath may suddenly have a purpose for Michael Monk...

—The description as originally solicited by IDW Publishing.

Detailed summary

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Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Cobra Civilians
  • Albert Lome (6)
  • Bangledeshis (1)
  • Bum (14)
  • Churchgoers (13)
  • Drunks (11)
  • Hannah Monk (10)
  • Kiki (12)
  • Michael Monk (7)
  • Mrs. Monk (9)

Memorable quotes

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Other notes


  • Four drunks are surrounding Kiki's car - one of them disappears at the beginning of the fight.
  • On page 21, "Bo Sherman's" sling is on the wrong arm. It was his right arm that was hurt, but the sling points toward the left.

Items of note

  • First appearance: Dr. Lester Horvath, Dr. Ruth Westholme, International Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Michael Monk.
  • Though it's not immediately clear from the art, it seems the troopers who barge into Monk's hotel room are the same "drunks" he beat up before. If that's true, then "Kiki" probably wasn't the damsel in distress she seemed to be.

Real-world references

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Footnotes and References

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