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Over Kill is a Cobra character from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

Robert Skelton, the S.A.W.-Viper who once killed several Joes in Trucial Abysmia, was working as an assassin in Italy when Serpentor sent his men after him. Ten men were sent, and six returned with Skelton. Serpentor offered Skelton employement into the Coil, so Skelton got "Overkill" as his new callsign. He was seen wearing a black modification of his S.A.W.-Viper uniform during Serpentor's speech in preparation for the battle against G.I. Joe and Cobra. (The Last Stand (part 3))

When Hawk sneaked into the Coil headquarters, Overkill found him, pinned him down and began strangling him, but Kamakura shot Overkill down. The injured Overkill managed to get into Cobra Commander's escape submarine, with his last words to the Commander before passing out being "I want... power." (The Last Stand (part 4))

Overkill was subjected to cybernetic augmentations. When he tried to escape the painful experiment, he found out that the bionics lab was inside a flying plane, with no means to escape. Since he had choked a Viper with his right arm during his escape attempt, the doctor in charge ordered to cut the arm off without anesthetic and without letting Overkill pass out. While the Vipers inmovilized Overkill, his surgically altered jaw could be seen. Later, Overkill led some Sand Vipers at Middle East to ambush a Joe recon team. Overkill jumped from his vehicle and reached Claymore, but Scarlett kicked him away. The Joe vehicle also fell with Claymore, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes. (Players and Pawns (part 4))

Overkill didn't give Snake-Eyes and Claymore time to recover, but Scarlett managed to rifle-whip him, then Overkill faced Snake-Eyes until Scarlett riddled the cyborg. The defeated Overkill asked Snake-Eyes to kill him as he didn't want to live like this, but the mute ninja spared his life. (Players and Pawns (part 5))

Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Animated continuity


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