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☀In Afghanistan, two Hind helicopters are attacking an Afghan rebel village. The Hind's are lured into a valley where they are shot down by two stinger missiles. The two stingers, along with 12 more, are a trade item for three captive Russian soldiers. The CIA set up the deal and the Joes Lt. Falcon, Psyche-Out and Slip Stream are tasked with "rescuing" these released prisoners. The Joes dress up like Russian Spetsnaz (the Russian version of the Special Forces) soldiers and go "rescue" their captive compatriots.

Spetsnaz soldiers Lt. Gomorov, Sgt. Orlov and Prt. Pritkin feel as if they have been rescued and fall for the trap the Joes are setting. They march off as Psyche-Out explains a new mission to the Russians. They are to recapture from the Iranian's a captured American CIA field agent named Chip Tolar. And they are to do it disguised as GI Joe agents.

They get in an old WWII airplane and Slip Stream flies them to the destination near Tehran, Iran.

After giving them a full brief on where to find and rescue Chip Tolar the Russians parachute out of the plane, only to meet up later at the airfield for extraction.

Once the Russians are away from the Joe team, the express to each other how they aren't fooled by the American imposters. But they realize that they still don't have any options other then to continue the mission. They then are picked up by a bus filled with a religious minority group that is happy to help the Americans (the disguised Russians). So the Russians assault the building where Chip Tolar is held. After a successful rescue, they all make their escape using the same bus.

Arriving at the Joes airplane, Tolar demands that the locals who helped them get political asylum and have to be flown out as well. So they all load up into the plane, the Iranian army is coming, and Slip Stream causes a huge dust cloud that covers their exit.

As they are flying away, they realize that the Russian soldiers didn't get on the plane. And since the plane is going to gather lots of attention as it heads south, the Russians should be able to march north to Russia without interference.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen 

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