Battle Force 2000 tracks the Dreadnoks along the Jersey shore.

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Maryland: Battle Force 2000 are in battle with a group of Cobra vehicles. Knockdown asks Dodger to cover him while he takes down a Mamba, but while he makes the shot he gets taken down by a H.I.S.S.. Avalanche takes out the HISS and has the Marauder and Eliminator surround the second one...until Duke, driving it, surrenders. The battle is a training simulation, with Roadblock and Lift-Ticker manning the other vehicles. Not impressed that they lost a teammate, Duke assigns them the extra duty of checking out a sighting of Dreadnoks in New Jersey. Doc, Mutt and Rumbler watch the incident from the hillside; Mutt is bitter that Cobra lawyers got the Dreadnoks captured at the gas station released on a technicality. The Battleforce members come past and Mutt's interest is caught when he hears them mention Dreadnoks.

At a deserted seaside town, Broca Beach, Buzzer is having fun at a shooting gallery. Zarana calls him away: They have to meet some investors and then handle the arrival of their "guests". Back at the training ground in Aberdeen, Mutt stops the Battle Force as they are leaving and asks to go with them. They all agree, despite concerns he is mainly out for revenge on the Dreadnoks.

Zarana's seminar comes to a close. Ripper wonders why they're still bothering with them when they've already made enough money to buy Broca Beach but Zarana explains they still need to convert it to their purposes and may keep the scam going indefinitely. She asks if anyone has change for the toll booth. Buzzer produces his chainshaw instead. Meanwhile, the "guests" are arriving by cruiser at Broca Beach: The former inhabitants of Springfield, who will be moving into the town.

At the Jersey turnpike, the Battle Force are pulled over by state troopers and Dodger shows them their papers. The officer in charge, Captain Cohoe, reports that a group of crazy bikers tore up the toll booth with a chainsaw. Mutt checks they had a girl with pink hair with them and, realising it's the Dreadnoks, put his foot down on Blocker's on the accelerator, causing the Eliminator to smash through the barricade. The other Battle Force vehicles follow, causing the state troopers to open fire and then pursue them.

Zarana is beating up Buzzer as they drive along, warning them that losing the state troopers could cost them the rendezvous. Zanzibar reports that not only are the state police following them but also G.I. Joe. Zarana boards his Air Skiff and tells him to take her to Broca Beach, leaving the rest of the Dreadnoks to stall their pursuers, and warns them that if they mess up again they'll answer to Zartan.

Knockdown complains about not being allowed to shoot down the Air Skiff but Dodger wants it tracked on radar to lead them to the rest. He turns back and spray smokes at the police vehicles, forcing them to slow down. Meanwhile, the Sprinfieldians have disembarked on the beach but Zarana and the Dreadnoks aren't there to lead them. The senior Hydro-Viper announces that if they're not there in five minutes they'll have to disperse.

The Dreadnoks ambush the Battle Force and Mutt takes the opportunity to kick Buzzer in the face. Zarana and the Air Skiff arrive at the beach and Zarana tells the Springfieldians they need to get everyone under cover and can sort out permanent residences the next day. She hopes the Dreadnoks don't lead the Joes to Broca Beach...then remembers she's dealing with Dreadnoks and realises they need to get out of sight immediately.

The Dreadnoks realise they're facing too much firepower and break off, heading off road towards Broca Beach and trusting Zarana to have a plan to deal with the Joes. They head into town just as the Cobra vehicles have got out of sight. The Battleforce, following, are surrounded by state troopers and Cahoe announces they'll shoot to kill. Dodger attempts the papers again but Cahoe is in no mood. Deciding they can't get in any more trouble, Knockdown shoots down the Air Skiff...which crashes on Cahoe's car. Cahoe announces they're all under arrest.


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  • Shockwave is shown as a shooting target in the Broca Beach carnival midway, but he still hasn't had his first appearance.

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  • When on of the state troopers mentions the Joes had a letter from the president, Capt. Cohoe says he doesn't care if they had a letter "from his pal Bonzo," a reference to Bedtime for Bonzo, Ronald Reagan's most famous movie role.

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