A series of public service announcements (or "PSAs") were produced starring characters from G.I. Joe, from 1985 to 1987. Each PSA ended with one of the troubled kids spouting "Now I know!" The featured Joe would then follow it up with the infamous catch-phrase, "And knowing is half the battle!"


There were 35 PSAs produced, each with a different lesson to be learned.

They are:

  1. "Running away isn't the answer" featuring Shipwreck.
  2. "Don't do what a stranger says" featuring Wild Bill.
  3. "How to tread water" featuring Torpedo.
  4. "What to do if you catch on fire" featuring Spirit.
  5. "Being a handicap doesn't make one helpless" featuring Spirit.
  6. "Be careful around frozen ponds and lakes" featuring Snow Job.
  7. "Taking something that isn't yours just isn't right" featuring Shipwreck.
  8. "You'll never learn without trying" featuring Scarlett.
  9. "Don't go near downed power lines" featuring Roadblock.
  10. "Don't give strangers your address" featuring Roadblock.
  11. "Have your eyes tested" featuring Ripcord.
  12. "Don't get in anything that could close and trap you" featuring Recondo.
  13. "Anything worth doing is worth planning" featuring Quick Kick.
  14. "Don't pet strange animals" featuring Mutt.
  15. "Wear proper protection out in the sun" featuring Leatherneck.
  16. "Stop and think before you act" featuring Lady Jaye.
  17. "Obey railroad Crossings" featuring Hawk.
  18. "Don't judge people until you give them a chance" featuring Gung-Ho.
  19. "How to stop a nose bleed" featuring Footloose.
  20. "Teamwork helps you win, not arguments" featuring Flint.
  21. "It's better to tell the truth" featuring Flint.
  22. "Put reflectors on your bikes" featuring Dusty.
  23. "Never take medicine without adult supervision" featuring Doc.
  24. "Have proper ventilation when painting" featuring Dial-Tone.
  25. "Don't Swim during a thunderstorm" featuring Deep Six.
  26. "Always wear a life jacket when boating" featuring Deep Six.
  27. "Instead of fighting, find a better way" featuring Cutter.
  28. "Don't call the fire department from a burning building" featuring Blowtorch.
  29. "What to do when you're lost" featuring Alpine.
  30. "Don't pull the fire alarm unless there's a fire" featuring Barbecue.
  31. "What to do if your house is on fire" featuring Barbecue.
  32. "What to do if someone passes out" featuring Airtight.
  33. "Eat the right foods" featuring Lifeline.
  34. "Wear a helmet for protection" featuring Cross-Country and Beach Head.
  35. "Listen to yourself" featuring Flint.

2003 parodies

Eric Fensler created parodies of 25 of the PSAs which were hosted on eBaum’s World, prompting a takedown notice from Hasbro on 9 September 2004.

2004 parodies

Eric Piotrowski created parodies of 6 of the PSAs.

2007 parodies

In 2007, Hasbro parodied the PSAs with commercials of the 25th anniversary line, featured in pack-in comics. The commercials began in similar form to the PSAs, but when the featured Joe arrived, rather than give a moral, announced the new toyline. "A Day in the Life of Springfield" had one featuring Roadblock, while "Backstabbed" had one featuring Duke (along with Dreadnok cameos).

2019 parodies

2019 has seen a resurgence in PSA parodies by Aquadump Entertainment. Much like the original Eric Fensler parodies, these PSA's are re-edits of the original G.I. Joe PSA's with all-new voice overs; having very little (if anything) to do with their original intent. So far they have released 9 brand new PSA's, but they plan to parody all 35 of the original videos.

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