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The R.A.M. is a G.I. Joe vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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If ever there was a G.I. Joe land vehicle that could be appreciated for its inherent simplicity, it would have to be the R.A.M. From all appearances, it aspires to be no more than a motorcycle until you notice the Gatling gun mounted on its side. And in the hands of a capable G.I. Joe driver, a truly dangerous weapon.


The R.A.M.'s motorcycle unit has a weight of 390 lbs. while the gun pod takes a whopping 870 lbs. full load. The 1000cc twin cam engine with turbo fuel injector enables it to reach speeds up to 95mph on full load and a range of 450 miles. Not to be outdone by the unknown, the driver is provided with a electronic radar unit built in to the front chassis. The 20mm Gatling gun is a Vulcan series provided with 1,200 rounds of ammunition.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel Comics

A R.A.M. was used by Rock 'n Roll to deal with the Cobra forces in a Caribbean island where a nuclear scientist was being held against her will. He had to leave it upon escaping the exploding island when Cobra lost.[1] He was issued a replacement in a mission in the Middle East to retrieve an object they dubbed a "Hot Potato".[2]

Animated continuity - Sunbow


In testing the security of a military installation, Stalker utilized a RAM to blast the fences and weave his way through.[3]


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A Real American Hero (1982)
The R.A.M. was sold as part of the original lineup of G.I. Joe vehicles in 1982. page/Blueprint


  • Dreadnok Ground Assault - A Sears exclusive that consisted of a repainted Stinger jeep and a R.A.M. outfitted as Dreadnok vehicles.


  • The 1991 Impel trading card set referred to this vehicle as the R.F.M. in its write-up.G.I. Joe:A Real American Hero (Impel) While that is what its full name would abbreviate to, it is usually called the R.A.M.

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