Ravage is a Transformer, an evil Decepticon from the planet Cybertron. He transforms into a cassette tape and can record his enemies conversations while spying them with his stealth abilities.


Marvel comics continuity

At the Decepticons' base in the Florida Keys, Ravage tried to cheer up a down-in-the-dumps Megatron with some words of encouragement, but Megatron was too preoccupied to listen. [1] Later, he informed Shockwave of Cobra's arrival. [2]

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs Transformers continuity

Ravage was among the Transformers laying dormant aboard the Ark when it was discovered by Cobra, who took the alien robots and reprogrammed them to serve in Cobra Commander's plot to conquer the world. [3] Along with Soundwave and the other cassettes, Ravage was sent to attack the SPS Research Facility, where he protected Zartan as the ninja stole a necessary module from the facility. He fought against Quick Kick and Mutt, and would've killed them if he hadn't been recalled to Cobra Island when Zartan got out and deemed the mission a success. [4] Shortly after the Decepticons returned, however, Cobra's control of them was broken by Wheeljack's tampering, and Soundwave sent out Ravage to punish his former captors. The jaguar knocked out Firefly and dragged him back to Soundwave to be used as a slave. [5] Ravage later attacked Optimus Prime only to be grabbed and crushed in the Autobot's fist. [6]

Two years later when Teletran 3 had gone berserk, sending scores of Transformers and humans both forwards and backwards in time, Ravage was among the Decepticons who surrounded the tower where the disturbance had originated. [7] In an alternate future in which the Decepticons had conquered Earth, packs of Ravages prowled the woods that a team of G.I. Joes and Cobra members were traveling through. A few of them were destroyed by Ratchet, causing the remaining ones to flee. [8]


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