Snake-Eyes, Kwinn & Dr. Venom make for the airfield and a flight to freedom!

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The Cobra Troopers masquerading as rebels are about to kill Snake-Eyes and Dr Venom. Dr Venom begs them to spare his life, as he's the only one there who can fly a plane. Kwinn, who was thought dead, emerges from the water, shoots the Cobras and prevents Snake-Eyes from killing Venom because, as Dr Venom reasoned himself, he's the only one who can fly them out there.
That night at the airfield, Snake-Eyes and Kwinn handle the guards and take a plane. Snake-Eyes mans the plane dorsal gun turret while Dr Venom turns over the engines and Kwinn takes the engineer seat. The tower personnel note the plane is being skyjacked and begin to shoot, while Snake-Eyes shoots them back. By Venom 's suggestion, Snake-Eyes blows the other planes to ensure they won't be followed. The plane takes off, but loses its main landing gear. Venom asks Kwinn to take the controls while he studies the flight manual. Kwinns warns him against any betrayal, but Venom mysteriously radios someone. The plane is then attacked by a plane that was not damaged. Venom retakes the controls and switches on all running lights, which blind the other plane's pilot and make him crash.

Meanwhile, in Cobra headquarters, Destro and Baroness recieve Dr Venom's message, learning that he is still alive and tell Cobra Commander the good news: Venom is willing to forget that Baroness tried to kill him if Cobra arrange for a car and a lawyer to meet him in Miami. They decide to help him because he is holding out on the complete toxin formula.

In the morning, over the Gulf of Mexico, Dr Venom opens the bomb-bay doors to make Snake-Eyes fall. Kwinn goes to save him, but Venom turns the plane to make Kwinn fall, too. Both men climb back into the plane, despite Venom hitting Kwinn with a wrench. When Kwinn is about to throw Venom out, Snake-Eyes stops him.

At the Pit, Stalker reports to Hawk that the fire destroyed all traces of whatever was in some glass vials in Vermont, but they know the main object of the experiments: printer's ink.

At Cobra headquarters, Cobra Commander meets Major Bludd, who he hires to get rid of Destro. Elsewhere in Cobra headquarters, Destro confesses to Baroness that he switched the clues in Sierra Gordo to bait the trap in Vermont. Baroness struggles between her loyalty to Cobra Commander and her love for Destro.

Low over the gulf waters, Kwinn, Snake-Eyes and Venom find some fishermen, but they really are smugglers who shoot the plane and hit the fuel tanks and the muzzle-flash ignites, blowing up the smugglers' boat. Since the plane is losing fuel and altitude, Venom orders Kwinn and Snake-Eyes to dump everything that isn't essential to flight and navigation to reduce weight, like the radio, guns, ammo, seats, etc. The plane lands in Miami beach and the cops stop the three men, but the Cobra lawyer who was awaiting Dr venom frees him, while Kwinn and Snake-Eyes are jailed. To be continued...


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Others
  • Estelle (20)
  • Kwinn (4)
  • Miami police (21)
  • Sheldon (19)
  • Smugglers (18)
  • "Fatso" (5)
  • Julio (7)
  • Pablo (6)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

  • Smuggler's boat
  • WWII British Avro Lancaster Bomber
  • WWII Spitfire

Featured Locations

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian

Memorable quotes

"The man who whips a dog will pull his own sled someday..."

--Kwinn lays down some Eskimo knowledge.

Other notes


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Items of note

  • First appearance of Major Bludd.
  • This issue was reprinted in G.I. Joe Digest #6, Tales of G.I. Joe #15 and G.I. Joe vol. 2 trade paperback.
  • Dr. Venom really is a superb pilot, isn't he?

Real-world references

  • Christian punk band Roper wrote a song titled "Red Eye to Miami" about this comic.

Footnotes and References

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