|BriefSynopsis=Cobra uses a fast food franchise to discreetly hide rockets across the United States!

|Synopsis1=The episode begins with a native man running through a jungle carrying a small oval shaped object, followed by Recondo, Roadblock, and Blowtorch, the second Joe complaining about the location.

The native stops at a ravine, and a bridge extends for him and is soon retracted to allow him access to an old temple where Destro and some Cobra Blue-shirts are. The arms dealer scolds him for being late, he spares the man, but denies him any payment.

Outside, the Joes comment about Destro's overconfidence before Recondo orders Tollbooth to extend his vehicle's bridge, and they charge in. Blowtorch enters the temple, but is stalled by some Blue-shirts. He mentions not knowing what Destro had with him while lamenting being unable to catch him.

Later, Destro lands at a town under construction, and meets Cobra Commander and The Twins. They ask if he was "able to complete it", and he shows them a bullet shaped object which he placed the oval into earlier, which he calls a Photon disintegrator, which he also says took two years to make.

Elsewhere, Recondo and Roadblock are on a two week break and pass a diner, which Recondo eyes, but the other Joe dismisses in favor of his uncle's new restaurant an hour down the road, which he finds to be in the same franchise, Red Rocket, as the earlier diner.

The two enter, with Roadblock mimicking a motorized cutout to his right. After his aunt and uncle explain the situation, and the two Joes almost mistake customers for the goons that have been forcing the drive-in out of business, who just happen to show up, with Cobra weapons.

After the bikers are run off, The Twins "step out" of a private jet into their company elevator and switch outfits before showing the bikers were working for them. They later call a Mr. Quueg, who is "buying" another restaurant on Extensive's behalf. They tell him to "take extreme measures" with taking "RR 104".

While Cobra troops move A.S.P.'s into position on a cliff above, a W.H.A.L.E. shows up with Cutter, Flint, and Lady Jaye. The Joes and owners then see Mr. Quueg, who was going to try a quieter approach, but orders the troops to begin firing after Roadblock literally throws him out. They are able to make it up the cliff-face and force them into retreat, minus one A.S.P.

Back at HQ, the Joes discover the connection between the franchise and Extensive Enterprises. Flint and Lady Jaye enter The Twins office, but are stonewalled, and return at night, leading to a scuffle where Lady Jaye leaps for the Dragonfly's skid, but The Twins grab her boots. The three fall, but she is saved by throwing a javelin with a climbing robe into the bottom of the helicopter, while The Twins extend and flip down a number of rods out of the towers side.

A little while after, the two see a televised ultimatum on a civilians TV set, where Cobra Commander demonstrates Destro's weapon in the "town" Cobra was building earlier. He says that he has several of the disintegrators aimed at every major world capitol, which has until dawn to surrender. After this, Roadblock informs them that each launch site is also every Red Rocket diner.

Flint orders everyone to move as fast as they can to stop the plot. Among the successful raids is Roadblock, who is on the last one, along with The Twins, after a desperation move by Flint, the Washington bound rocket is disarmed, and the three end up the Potomac.

Afterwards, the Joes celebrate at the drive-in, now renamed The Joes Place.


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians
  • Caleb Bronson (8)
  • Mr. Queeg (12)
  • Sara Bronson (9)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra

|MemorableQuotes1="So what did you find out?", "Mostly that a thousand foot drop does nothing to help the digestion of peking duck."---Flint and Lady Jaye, following her latest brush with death.

"It was worth it!", "just for the ride!"----Xamot and Tomax, those daredevils.

|Glitches1=*The map of the United States is very poorly drawn.

  • When Cutter, Lady Jaye and Flint step out of the restaurant, an A.S.P. fires laser bolts in front of them, but there is a massive explosion behind them.

|Errors1=*Tomax and Xamot make a point of distancing themselves from Cobra by pointing out that they merely represent Cobra as part of a business transaction, yet when Lady Jaye breaks into their offices, they confront her wearing Cobra uniforms.

  • Flint is piloting a Dragonfly through Enterprise City and catches a glimpse of Cobra Commander on the TV in a girl's apartment. He then asks Breaker to patch him in to "VHF Channel 10". How could he possibly know what channel she was watching?
  • Lady Jaye dares a Cobra trooper to shoot her by pointing out that he might hit the nose cone on one of the rockets, yet previously the Joe team is shown disarming the rockets, by blowing them up with lasers.
    • She was daring them to risk a suicide tactic.
  • Flint decides to disarm the rocket that Roadblock and the Crimson Twins are riding by firing a missile at it. Does this make any sense?
    • It was a desperation tactic.
  • Cobra's plot unravels when their strong-arm tactics on Roadblock's relatives bring in the Joes. But was that really necessary? They already have 149 rockets in place. Is one Red Rocket drive-thru out on a remote stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that vital to their operation?
    • It was the last emplacement they need.
  • On a map RR 104 is seen on the California coast, yet that's the site of the missile that's targeted at Washington D.C., on the complete other side of the country?

|ItemsOfNote1=*Lady Jaye uses a javelin with an attached rope in this episode.


  • The title is a reference to the The Star-Spangled Banner. "And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air".

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