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Red Zone is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Back when he was still working for the FBI's field operations, Red Zone was the best agent to call in when things got too hot. You can count on him to stop the bad guys and keep situations from escalating further. However, what makes him the best is what also makes him the worst. His approach often involves barging in and taking down the enemy. Nothing wrong with that but he uses more force than is necessary. Simply disabling the enemy isn't enough for him, he has to knock them senseless. While he has yet to get any innocent civilians killed in a firefight, he's considered too trigger happy by his peers. His superiors didn't have to do a lot of figuring out how to kick him off the field. It wasn't long before the Joe Team thought to use his talents against a more dangerous foe: Cobra.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Red Zone's only appearance was in the large group shot on the cover of America's Elite #25, in position #127 as shown by the included character key. He was on the right side of the image, surrounded by Outback, Torpedo, Backblast, Firewall, T'Jbang and Charbroil.


Plague Troopers vs. Steel Brigade (2006)

Red Zone is too much of a man for sleeves. His khaki pants are not tucked into his boots, and his gloves reach nearly to his elbows. page/Filecard


  • Red Zone's appearance is based on real-life fan Luke Ellison, who won the "I am a GI Joe" contest in FHM magazine in 2004. Ellison's winning entry saw him dressed as Shipwreck.[1]

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