As Destro takes over Cobra, G.I. Joe launches an assault on the Dreadnoks Florida Compound.

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Up in space a Cobra operative is working on the Gaijin sattelite. Destro explains that this sattelite has the capbilities of carrying the radio waves to control the nano-mites. Destro tells Zartan, Tomax, Xamot, Major Bludd, Dr. Mindbender, and the Baroness that he has kidnapped Cobra Commander and that he has laced any potential defectors with nano-mites as well. Zartan, he says, will be cured of his skin condition by the nano-mites.

At Wright Patterson Air Force base, Duke introduces the Greenshirts to the G.I. Joe team. Down in a lower level, Duke briefs the Joe team about the nano-mites. The mission is to capture as much of the Cobra hierarchy as they can before Cobra can activate the nano-mites. Duke also tells them that there was a press leak that the G.I. Joe team has reformed.

In Scotland, a man named "William" is watching the press conference with Hawk.

The Dreadnoks are also watching the press conference in the Everglades. Zanya, Zartan's daughter and second-in-command of the Dreadnoks, is about to call Zartan when Destro explains that everything is under control.

The next evening Baroness and Destro are having a fight. She yells that his arrogance is going to ruin everything. She tells him that he only needs Mistress Armada because "Destro is a master strategist on the battlefield" but he is not.

The G.I joe team begins infiltration of the Dreadnok compound. During the esuing firefight, Zanya leaves Major Bludd in charge and escapes with Zartan. Destro then sends Armada in to stop the Joe team. Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are then taken captive by Zandar and Road Pig after watching two Green Shirts fall into a trap with alligators.

Destro and Armada escape with Snake-Eyes and Scarlett as hostages.

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