The truth about "Destro" is revealed.

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The Joes are taking captive Major Bludd and his troops, but Bludd activates a device that causes all present to be infected with nano-mites. This allows Bludd to escape. Meanwhile, Zartan and Zanya arrive to an old Dreadnok hideout, which is being used by other gang, so Zartan an Zanya kill them. In Transcarpathia, Destro mentions his plans to... Destro, who is in bed. We learn that the "Destro who has been running Cobra is really Alexander, the son of the real one, who has taken his father's business while Destro is victim of a rare sickness. The Joes infected by the nano-mites are put under medical care, and Hawk, in order to save the captured Snake-Eyes and Scarlett, sends Kamakura(who barely avoided the nano-bombs) and Spirit to seek Billy's assistance. In the medical bay, Flint introduces Mainframe to the new G.I. Joe computer specialists: Daemon and Firewall, who have the mission to stop the nano-mites.

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