The name Roadblock refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Roadblock.

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The G.I. Joe team's mechanic, heavy weapons specialist and cook. Corporal Marvin Hinton, A.K.A. Roadblock, is an imposing figure, but is a gentle giant and a cheerful loudmouth who enjoys listening to heavy metal and singing loudly (much to Tunnel Rat's annoyance).

He wears an heavy olive drab ballistic vest over a light yellow shirt, and brown trousers.


Corporal Marvin Hinton was one of the four soldiers chosen by Agent O'Hara to help her investigate a "terrorist threat" against Cobra Industries. Lady Jaye found him busy working underneath of a car, listening to his headphones and half-singing along. He was annoyed at being interrupted, but upon recognizing her as a ranking officer, he made the uncharacteristic oversight of quickly saluting while his wrench was still in his hand. Ouch.

Later, as they approached the Cobra pharmaceutical plant, a frustrated Wallace Weems dubbed the big man "Roadblock" as he tried to get past him.


  • The idea of having Roadblock as a mechanic is a tribute to the character B.A. Baracus from The A-Team.
  • In "Knockoffs," it is revealed Roadblock has a cousin named Hershel as they both share the same shoe size.
  • In "The Anaconda Strain", it is revealed that Roadblock is fluent in Spanish when he talks his way past a Mexican Cobra guard.