"All we had to do was move them a mile across the desert!"

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Rock-Vipers are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Generation 1
Rock-Viper 1990 A Real American Hero (1990)

Rock-Vipers were first available carded in the 1990 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: dark red helmet with green visor; black mustache and goatee; beige shirt and pants with black urban camo; black vest with dark red straps; dark red wristbands, belt, holsters, and kneepads; black gloves and boots

Accessories: black T-shaped backpack (with sculpted pitons) and notch for hook; beige laser pistol with large guard on grip and short, T-shaped stock; huge, beige machine gun with large scope and thick, round magazine; black grappling hook with black string. page/Filecard


  • The Rock-Viper filecard says "On the day of their graduation from the training program, candidate Rock-Vipers are dropped from helicopters onto the top of a 500 foot, sheer-sided mesa rock formation. They are outfitted with 250 feet of rope and informed that only 50% will graduate upon completion of this final test," clearly implying the solution was to shoot one of your classmates and take his rope. However, because even suggesting such a thing was too violent for the era, a final line was added: "It doesn't take long for them to figure out the only way they will get down the mesa is to slide down the rope and pray they land in a soft pile of dirt at the bottom!" Riiiiight.
  • Rock-Vipers appear as regular enemies in the NES Taxan G.I. Joe game on sections 1-3, 3-1, 4-3 and 6-1.

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