Ron Friedman is an American television writer.

Friedman wrote the scripts for the two standalone miniseries and for the miniseries that kicked off seasons 1 and 2. The parallels between the four are unmistakable, with minor variations.

  • The Joe team is running a routine mission, followed by a Cobra sneak attack.
  • Duke is captured by Cobra in the first episode of the miniseries.
  • There is a Cobra invention that can be used to subjugate the world.
  • Joe and Cobra meet at 3 or more separate locations with exotic names to retrieve components.
  • The Joes meet a stranger along the way that helps them.
  • A Cobra agent double crosses Cobra Commander in the final episode.
  • The Joes launch an all-out attack on the Cobra hideout.

Friedman also wrote the 1987 feature film, G.I. Joe: The Movie.

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