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Rook is a G.I. Joe character.
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There is no fooling Rook. He has made it his specialty to read people through his own methods. He has studied the various subtle movements people make and, as a quick study, deduce their body language. A simple twitch of a finger, a small frown, a brush of the hand... These are all the clues he needs to know if someone is lying. Pluse, he is proficient in 14 languages. He is so good at what he does that people have long since stopped playing poker with him anymore. After all, what would be the point in bluffing?



A Real American Hero continuity

Devil's Due Comics continuity
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  • Direct-to-Consumer (2006)
Rook was sold as part of the Steel Brigade/Plague Troopers set and was available direct from Hasbro and then through Toys R Us.
2006 file card from YoJoe.com


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