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Royal Guard is a Cobra-La character from the A Real American Hero series.
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The members of the Cobra-La's Royal Guard are genetically augmented super-soldiers with one purpose and that is protect and serve Golobulus. And they will do so to the death if they have to but that's not a problem. They are specifically bred for their very purpose and even one Royal Guard presents a formidable opponent. They wear a near impervious armor derived from their civilization's giant insect guardians. Each Guard is superbly strong and can hold its own against even a seasoned martial artist. However, as they are completely subservient they rely on brute strength and the instructions of their beloved leader to direct them in battle.


Marvel Comics continuity

Impel trading cards

Cobra-La's Himalayan base is buried under an avalanche, the fate of the Royal Guard is unknown.Impel cards

Animated continuity - Sunbow

The Royal Guard of Cobra-La from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

The Cobra-La Royal Guard were first encountered in the Himalayas where they brutally subdued a small team of Joes that included Roadblock, Snake-Eyes, and Quick Kick.[1]


G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

In 1978 the Royal Guard and Pythona captured Joe Colton and Chok-Pa. In the present day they often worked with the Decepticon Bludgeon, who now served Golobulus.[2] The guards were tough but not invulnerable. A squad of three was defeated single-handed by Colton and a larger squad was easily subdued by a rampaging Optimus Prime. Several guards survived and were incarcerated to await trial.[3]


Generation 1
Royal Guard 1987.jpg A Real American Hero (1987)

Available in 1987, the Royal Guard was released in a Cobra-La three-pack which also included Golobulus and Nemesis Enforcer.

Appearance: red and yellow insectoid helmet with blue eyes and dark grey snout; red and grey chest armor; grey sleeves with red shoulder armor and wristbands; grey pants with yellow armor; red boots

Accessories: red antenna attaching to head; grey pistol with inwardly curved trigger; large, jagged scythe. page/Filecard


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