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Rumbler is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

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Generation 1
Rumbler 1987 A Real American Hero (1987)

Rumber was available in 1987 packaged exclusively with the Crossfire. As this set was introduced near the end of the year and discontinued in early 1988, Rumbler is a rare figure.

Appearance: brown hair and mustache; dark grey open-collar shirt; brown open jacket; green gloves; yellow pants and belt; green boots

Accessories: brown "Crankcase" helmet; light grey "Heavy Metal" machine gun. page/Filecard


  • Sold without accessories at 1993's G.I. Joe Convention, mislabeled under the name "Footloose."
  • Rumbler was never pictured in any Hasbro catalog.
  • Working names included "Motor-Face," "Down-Shift," "Overdrive," "Long-Gone" and "Scrambler."

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