Zartan tries to wrap up some unfinished business.

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Jinx is visiting the samurai sword exhibition at the museum when she sees it is a sword of the Arashikage Clan. She goes to phone Storm Shadow from a public telephone. An old man nearby uses a concealed machine to read the number she is calling, then leaves. Before Storm Shadow can answer, a trio of what appeared to be mannequins in samurai outfits burst out of their cases and attack Jinx, who manages to reach the sword in the display.

The old man ascends to the roof where a group of Red Ninjas are waiting by a helicopter. He reveals himself as Zartan and uses the telephone number to find out Storm Shadow's address. The helicopter takes off. Jinx despatches the samurais, who turn out to be more Red Ninjas, and leaves on her motorbike.

The helicopter drops off a squad of Red Ninjas on the roof of Storm Shadow's building. Storm Shadow fires an arrow out of the window, killing the helicopter pilot and forcing Zartan to land clumsily in the street below. He takes out the first two Red Ninjas entering his apartment, then hurls his sword into the fire door, killing a Red Ninja about to enter that way. Zartan prepares his bow with a pair of headphones, listening for Storm Shadow's heartbeat. Storm Shadow kills one of the two remaining ninjas, then removes the heart muffler from the other and pushes him towards the window, where he is killed by Zartan's arrow.

Zartan flees in a van driven by another ninja as Jinx arrives. Storm Shadow jumps down onto the back of her bike and they pursue Zartan's van. Storm Shadow readies his bow but Zartan fires an arrow of his own, severing the bow and Storm Shadow's remaining arrows. Zartan fires another arrow but Storm Shadow catches it and fires it back, fatally wounding the driver[1]. The van careers off a bridge into the water.


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  1. The driver is revealed to have survived in No Simple Solutions

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