The SRV-9 is a Cobra vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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The Submersible Reconnaissance Vessel Mark 9 (SRV-9) Is a Cobra vessel. A seaplane can be launched from its aft.


Comics continuity

Cobra Commander Spied on the Space Shuttle in an SRV-9 until it was spotted by enemy aircraft. It then dove underwater and docked with Cobra's Undersea Base. Later, after a failed assault on the Space Shuttle, Cobra Commander surfaced the Undersea Base in order to launch a missile at the Shuttle in order to prevent the deployment of a powerful spy satellite that would reveal the location of any Cobra undersea bases.

The missile was redirected by Flash and G.I. Joe spotted the surfaced Undersea Base and attacked. Cobra began to lose the battle, so Cobra Commander set the base to self-destruct and he and the Baroness escaped in the SRV-9. The Joes abandoned the base in their emergency rafts. Cobra Commander tried to run them down, but Zap sank the SRV-9 with a rocket launcher. The aircraft attached to the SRV-9 was still operable, however, and Cobra Commander and the Baroness made their escape in that.[1]


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