|BriefSynopsis=A downed satellite has both the Joe Team and Cobra scrambling for its wreckage.

|Synopsis1=The episode starts with Duke and Breaker following the progress of a G.I. Joe satellite, which is captured by a tractor beam from Cobra, but it is knocked out of orbit when Breaker activates the thrusters, sending it crashing somewhere in Africa.

Fortunately, Spirit and Dusty are on air patrol nearby, they later meet up with Flint, Lady Jaye, and some Green-shirts to recover it. However, Storm Shadow and some Crimson Guardsmen are also there. The two groups encounter one another, but the Cobra team gets away when they notice a burning house with an old man named Dr. MacIntosh, who supposedly vanished with an expedition years earlier.

Later, Flint sets up a basecamp near a bridge over a river gorge. Before they can be sure how safe it is, Lady Jaye and Spirit take the Professor on it in an A.W.E. Striker, but a Cobra attack damages the bridge, and the three fall.

They survive, but encounter Storm Shadow's team, only for all of them to be surrounded by dangerous ape-men known as Primords, who found the satellite, and have mistaken it for a god, after disabling Freedom and capturing Storm Shadow, they are taken to the Primord's cliff dwellings.

Once there, the Primords prepare to sacrifice them to the "god", starting with Lady Jaye, luckily she is saved by Freedom, who was found by Flint and Dusty. The eagles appearance allows the others to escape from the stakes they were tied to, only for juvenile Primords to appear, one jumping on Storm Shadow, who throws his attacker off, despite Lady Jaye's protests. The Cobra ninja then tosses a grenade which starts a rock slide.

Just when things look bad, Flint's team shows up and shoots the boulders. After the Joes reunite, and Spirit briefs Flint of the situation, the Primords approach them, in a much better mood due to them saving the chief's son. During this, Flint and his team take their new allies and wait for Storm Shadow to try and steal the satellite during the night.

In the midst of the battle, Dusty discovers the Primord chief using the Joes battlecry. Flint later jumps onto the rope from a Cobra F.A.N.G. copter, only for the pilot to cut it loose, destroying the satellite. but not before he can overpower him.

After Storm Shadow escapes, the Joes discuss how HQ will react to the fight being a draw, but dusty tells her that the data is safe in a box of salvage, and how the Primords will feel with their "god" gone. Which is later shown to have been replaced by a TV set, which the chief destroys, and leads his tribe in chanting the Joe's call.


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|MemorableQuotes1="Yoh Joh!"

--Primord Chieftain, proving some things need no translation, even if the pronunciation could use work.

"This weapon was centuries old.", "And now it is broken, as your code of honor was broken, when you deserted us." Storm Shadow and Spirit after the former's katana is busted in two. |Glitches1=*In close shots of Storm Shadow and Spirit, both characters' eyes have brown pupils with black irises. |Errors1=* The spy satellite can survive a crash from orbit unscathed, but is utterly destroyed by a hundred-foot drop? |ItemsOfNote1=*First episode where Flint and Lady Jaye openly show affection for each other by embracing, revealing that they are more than merely "buddies", as Flint stated in "The Revenge of Cobra".

  • Storm Shadow has a "sixth-sense" similar to Snake-Eyes'; he can sense the primords tracking his squad when reporting his mission progress to Cobra Commander and Destro.




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