Scanner is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Scott Sturgis, AKA Scanner, is a member of the G.I. Joe Team.

Devil's Due comic continuity

Scott Sturgis finds The Pit in Arizona, and photographs a group of Joes (including Hardball, Snow Job, Wild Bill, and Grand Slam) playing baseball. While he runs out of room on his camera's disk, the Joes are called back into the Pit. Sturgis barely misses the giant elevator.

Back as his home seven miles from Fort Huachuca, AZ, Sturgis is chatting with his friends while watching 20 Questions. Sturgis explains that he thinks he's found the G.I. Joe Headquarters.

While Sturgis is sleeping Shipwreck and Grand Slam, dressed as Cobra Vipers, inject Sturgis with a drug and threaten to kill him if he doesn't reveal the location of the Pit. Wide Scope and Shockwave burst through the window and chase the "Vipers" away. They take Sturgis back to the Pit.

When Sturgis wakes up, he meets Duke, Lifeline, and Airtight. Duke reveals to Sturgis that they have analyzed the fluid in his system, and have stopped it from killing him. However, Duke explained that they would need to give him another dose in six hours and he wasn't sure if they'd give Sturgis the antidote. Duke takes him into a room and gives a full story about G.I. Joe. Then he explains to him that the Joes have to protect their secrets and lets Sturgis think about the options. Duke gives Sturgis a minute to think it through alone while he talks with Shipwreck and Grand Slam. He tells them to store the Viper gear and the saline solution that they injected into Sturgis. Duke returns to the briefing room and Sturgis tells Duke that he's made up his mind.

Three days later, Duke and Jinx accompany Sturgis to Reykjavik, Iceland, where at the Conversion Technologies office Sturgis will look over satellite photos all day. Sturgis then picks a codename for himself... Scanner. (Scott Sturgis is a Reasonable Man...)

Scanner is brought to Iceland by Snake-Eyes, where Duke and Scarlett await him. He gets a visual transmission of Cobra Commander sending most of the Coil traitors to Cobra Island when it's about to be nuked. When Scanner goes to the kitchen, he is ambushed and seemingly killed by Overlord. (Union of the Snake (part 5))

Before his apparent death, Scanner mentions an emergency bomb-shelter, so Overlord locks Duke, Scarlett, and Snake-Eyes there. Scanner reveals he's still alive and uses the last of his strength to activate the base's self-destruct, killing himself and Overlord. (Union of the Snake (part 6))

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