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Scoop is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

Scoop was chosen by Congress to observe and document G.I. Joe's actions for evaluation on behalf of the congressional commitee. This fact, and the fact that he was still a freshman in GI Joe's fold, made him unpopular during his first deployment. His first mission, along with a team led by Stalker, is to ambush an Iron Grenadier penal convoy in South America. They set an ambush and waited, and during that time, Scoop fell asleep. Awakened just in time for the battle, Scoop learned that the Iron Grenadier had circumvent the planned ambush and began attacking G.I. Joe position. The entire team retreated and Scoop, with the cost of his camera, saved G.I. Joe member Torpedo from an Iron Grenadier soldier attack. Scoop fainted during the defensive and awakened later in the medevac helicopter. Although he lost his camera, Scoop gained trust from Stalker.

Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Animated continuity - DiC

Voice actor: Michael Benyaer


Leonard Michaels aka "Scoop" first appeared in "Operation: Dragonfire" as a news reporter covering the G.I. Joe team on a mission in the Himalayas. After saving Sgt. Slaughter from a burning building, he was offered a spot on the team. However, Scoop was actually a Crimson Guardsman working for Cobra to undermine the G.I. Joe team from the inside. This mission was personal payback for Scoop, who joined Cobra because he was told G.I. Joe was responsible for the destruction of his family home.

After spying on the Joes for awhile, a computer glitch at Cobra headquarters allowed Scoop to access Cobra's classified file on him. He learned that Cobra was responsible for the destruction of his home. Realizing he's on the wrong side, Scoop aided the Joe team in their efforts to defeat Cobra but had to earn the trust of Low-Light, who had suspected Scoop was a spy early on.

Scoop was close friends with a Crimson Guardsman who was undercover at the Himalayan monastery that held one source of the mystical Dragonfire energy. Later this Crimson Guard becomes an Alley Viper, but he and Scoop remain in touch until Scoop defects.


Generation 1
Scoop A Real American Hero (1989)

Scoop was introduced in the 1989 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: brown hair; yellow shirt and pants; green vest with black binoculars and camera; black belt, holster, and boots; peg on right leg for hose

Accessories: soft, medium green helmet with red goggles; medium green mic attaching to helmet; light grey tech backpack with radar dish; simple large, black pistol with trigger guard; large, light grey news camera; standard short, black hose. page/Filecard


  • Scoop's appearance and name are based on real NBC reporter, Mike Leonard.

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