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Scrap-Iron is a Cobra character from the Renegades continuity.
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Scrap-Iron first appears in G.I. Joe: Renegades episode "Rage." Scrap-Iron is a scientist at M.A.R.S. Industries who captured war veterans from the streets in order to brainwash them and test their new exo-armors and power their rage. He did this on behalf of Destro while posing as a preacher offering war veterans coffee. Tunnel Rat became one of the victims. Soon, Roadblock ended up captured when he found Scrap-Iron and was subjected to the same experiment that Tunnel Rat and the other people befell. When the Joes arrived and disabled the controls on the exo-armor, Roadblock lunged towards Destro and Scrap-Iron as they get into their helicopter. Roadblock managed to deflect the missile back at the helicopter injuring the right side of Scrap-Iron's head. Destro told Scrap-Iron that his injuries will be avenged. In the episode "Castle Destro," Scrap-Iron's right side of the head still has some burns as he and Destro work on the Bio-Dag rocket. After Duke destroys the Bio-Dag, Scrap-Iron gets away with Destro and Baroness.

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