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The U.S.S. Flagg is under attack by Cobra forces! While Ace handles the aerial assault, that salty seadog Shipwreck is in for a stormy battle on the high seas when he goes up against Copperhead!

—Back of the packaging.

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On the U.S.S. Flagg, Roadblock hoists down a Piranha boat as Shipwreck watches. In the command deck, Admiral Keel-Haul expresses his concern to Torpedo about having Shipwreck patrol for the Flagg. Torpedo vouches for Shipwreck.

On Cobra Island, Cobra Commander informs Copperhead of the importance of his mission, as Copperhead takes off in a Moray.

Shipwreck reports an all-clear back to the Flagg when Dial-Tone reports Rattlers attacking. Ace takes on the Rattlers with the Skystriker, but Shipwreck remains the sole support for the Flagg on the water. At that moment, two torpedoes race by, headed for the Flagg. Shipwreck takes out one with the machine gun, but misses the second. He steers into the path of the torpedo, intending to take it out himself. Fortunately, the torpedo had not yet activated the explosive charge, and only collided with the Piranha.

Copperhead arrives in the Moray and rams the Piranha, destroying it. Shipwreck bails out, and as Copperhead makes another pass, grapples on and boards the Moray. Shipwreck tries to board the Moray, but Copperhead aims at him with a gun. Fortunately, Polly distracts Copperhead enough to allow Shipwreck board the Moray. Then Copperhead slaps Polly aside and tries to shoot Shipwreck again, but his gun is empty now, so he throws it to Shipwreck's head. The now weak Shipwreck still tries to stop Copperhead from sinking the Flagg, so Copperhead proceeds to beat him, until Polly re-appears and bites Copperhead's ankle, allowing Shipwreck to gain the upper hand.

On the U.S.S. Flagg, Cutter sees the Moray approaching, but Keel-Haul notes that it is being driven by Shipwreck, who says that Copperhead "decided to quit while he was ahead!" The last panel shows Copperhead, who escapes swimming.


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