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Selina is a character from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.
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When Cobra established their temple headquarters in the mountain regions, the evil organization was not ashamed to hire local labor, even if they had to use mind-controlling headbands on the people to do it. One young woman was able to find a way around the headband's control. Her name is Selina but she is alone and her family, her friends, her neighbors are all mindless slaves. Still, she holds out hope that one day they will be free.


Animated continuity - Sunbow

Selina from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

Selina was the water bearer at a digging site where Duke was also thrown in. She was about to give him water when the Baroness enters and had him taken away to the Arena of Sport.[1] She realizes that Duke is the only man who just may be capable of rescuing her and her people, thus she takes her chance when Duke's fight with the giant Ramar is halted. She gives him the very tool he needs to fight the mind-controlling power of the slave headbands before she is dragged away by a Cobra Officer and the slave master. She assists Duke one more time by leading him to the Cobra Castle's hangar from which he took a Viper glider for his escape. He gives her his ring as a symbol that he will come back to rescue her. She takes one last look before hiding from Cobra in the Castle's secret passageways of which only she knows how.[2] When Cobra Commander finds himself being played for a fool with a false transmission from the Joes, he activates the MASS Device to obliterate New York City. Only Selina's intervention prevented that city from a dire fate by sabotaging the MASS machine's transformer by splashing it with water. For this action, she has forfeited what little freedom she has left as she is placed in a dungeon where she can do no more to interfere with Cobra operations.[3] Lucky for her, Cobra Command is too busy with the going-ons than with finding out how she could overcome the headband's control. Soon, she is joined by Scarlett who was taken hostage by Destro and is now a Cobra prisoner herself. The two conspired to cause a slave uprising only to have it quickly quelled by Destro. The Joes soon learn of Cobra's actual location and a major assault is initiated. Duke rescues her, finally keeping that promise he made for Selina.[4]


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