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As G.I. Joe launches an attack on Springfield, a new Cobra soldier arises...

Detailed summary

In an ancient tomb in the Middle East Destro and Dr. Mindbender steal a corpse and evade the guards to be picked up by the Baroness. Later on Cobra Island Cobra Commander discusses Mindbender's plan to create the ultimate soldier from dead warriors with Tomax and Xamot. Cobra Commander announces he is giving Mindbender access to all of Dr. Venom's equipment, including the Brainwave Scanner.

Later the equipment is installed in Springfield at the Museum of Antiquities. Mindbender explains he is not trying to bring the dead to life but to use their genetic material to create the ultimate soldier. The Brainwave Scanner will analyze the historic data and provide the memory. He reveals that in addition to the 10 historic bodies he will also be using material from Storm Shadow. Elsewhere the Dreadnoks are enjoying a Hawaiian meal when Firefly leads a squad in looking for the source of an authorized signal. At the phone they see "Zartan" making a call. Upon discovery he throws aside his cowl to reveal he is Ripcord and flees through the window. Meanwhile at the Pit Hawk has assembled all the Joes to launch an attack on Springfield.

Ripcord stops a car and pulls out the driver. But as he speeds away he discovers the driver's daughter is still aboard. Meanwhile Mindbender prepares to impart his own knowledge and allegiances to the ultimate soldier and decides on the name "Serpentor." Outside Ripcord tries to drop the young girl off but she pulls a gun out of her satchel. Firefly's squad and the Dreadnoks arrive and capture him. A fleet of plans and helicopters fly toward Springfield. Onboard, Hawk, Duke and Stalker brief the Strike Team, the Security Team and the Assault Team as to their duties in capturing Springfield.

In the museum Mindbender is experiencing the pain of the scanner when Firefly brings in Ripcord who won't answer questions so they release Mindbender from the scanner and put Ripcord in it. As they discover he did get the location of Cobra's operations out, the Tele-Viper contacts Cobra Commander who orders them to institute the evacuation plan. Meanwhile something stirs in the nutrient tank. The Joes reach Springfield and the Assault Team disables the power station. In the darkened museum a figure explains how the Joes' plans will operate. Destro lights a match to reveal the new figure who accepts the name "Serpentor" as he dons a historic helmet shaped like a serpent's head.

Meanwhile the Assault Team captures the police station while Wild Bill secures a landing for the main forces. At the museum Destro initiates the evacuation plan when Serpentor volunteers to lead the troops in a delaying action. Destro asks if Serpentor can be trusted and agrees with the proviso that Mindbender, the Tele-Viper, Scrap-Iron and Firefly will accompany him and if necessary kill him. At the airport the Joes disembark and move out. At the museum the troops assemble and Serpentor rallies them and tells them he intends to hold the town and live. As the troops cheer him, Serpentor privately notes how soldiers never change and always love the same speeches...


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  • Somewhere in the mid-east

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Other notes


  • On the cover, Dr. Mindbender's mustache is white.
  • While riding on the Tomahawk, Stalker is colored as a white man.
  • In one panel, Slip-Stream is drawn as Lift-Ticket.
  • Several Joes are missing from what one would expect to be a comprehensive list: at least Grand Slam, Clutch, Cutter, Keel-Haul and Sgt Slaughter.
    • Grand Slam hasn't been seen (or at least, called out by name) since issue 17, and one could argue the mission is out of Cutter's bailiwick (not that that prevents, say, Shipwreck from participating). Keel-Haul has Cutter's excuse and, more importantly, is much too high-ranking to realistically participate in such a mission, plus he may only be an honorary Joe. However, this mission is perfect for Clutch and Sgt Slaughter and both were around as recently as the previous issue.
  • Marvel is still spelling Short-Fuze's codename with an S instead of a Z.

Items of note

  • First Appearances: Leatherneck, Lift-Ticket, Serpentor, Slip-Stream
  • Creation of Serpentor
    • Diverging from the cartoon, Serpentor was created to be the ultimate soldier, not a new leader.
  • First use in the comic of the "Yo Joe!" battle cry from the cartoons, not counting mentions of Yojo Cola.
  • The G.I. Joe Team was divided into three groups:
    • The Strike Team is led by Hawk and consists of: Lady Jaye, Barbecue, Heavy Metal, Flint, Deep Six, Airtight, Footloose, Bazooka, Alpine, Crankcase, Blowtorch and Shipwreck.
    • The Security Team is led by Duke and consists of: Steeler, Grunt, Rock 'n Roll, Flash, Gung-Ho, Tripwire, Short-Fuze, Breaker, Mutt and Junkyard, Snow-Job, Zap, Doc, Cover Girl and Roadblock.
    • The Assault Team is led by Stalker and consists of: Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Quick Kick, Recondo, Spirit, Torpedo, Beach Head and Leatherneck
    • Wild Bill, Airborne, Lift-Ticket, Ace and Slipstream form a sort of fourth team, providing transportation and/or air support.
  • This issue was later included in a Comic Pack with Firefly, Scrap-Iron and Serpentor.
  • This issue was reprinted in the G.I. Joe vol. 5 and G.I. Joe: The Best of Duke trade paperbacks.
  • In the United Kingdom the story was reprinted in Transformers #157, #158, #159 & #160.

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