Sgt. Slaughter's sister is an character from the DIC Entertainment portion of the A Real American Hero animated continuity.
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Sgt. Slaughter's sister is the younger sister of Sgt. Slaughter. She lives in a townhouse in New York City.


Animated continuity - DIC

When Sgt. Slaughter and his little sister were kids, he would tuck her into bed before going to sleep.

At some point following Cobra Commander's return to manhood, Sgt. Slaughter took a vacation and visited his sister in New York, staying with her at her townhouse. On one particular night they watched footage of a battle (featuring Hurricanes being shot down) on television. Sgt Slaughter's sister was already in her pajamas, which was just as well - she nodded off during the broadcast, and stayed asleep even through the Sarge's euphoric proclamations of "another win for the U.S. of A!"

Deciding it was time to sleep when the program ended, Sarge lifted his still-slumbering sister out of her chair and put her in her bed, where he tucked her in and briefly reminisced about doing the same when they were younger.

The next evening, following Sgt. Slaughter's rescue from Cobra, the Sarge, his sister, Lady Jaye and Capt. Grid-Iron went by limo to Studio 55, an exclusive nightclub.[1]


  • Sgt. Slaughter's sister went entirely unnamed throughout the episode she appeared in. Furthermore, she had no lines (and thus has no voice actress); the only sounds she made were snoring.
  • When attending Studio 55, she seems to be wearing a necklace made out of bullet casings.
  • It is unknown if Robert Remus (the real Sgt. Slaughter) himself has a sister, younger or otherwise.

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