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Sgt. Stone is a member of G.I. Joe.

Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

Portrayed by Brendan Fraser.


A member of an unsaid division of the Joes within The Pit. He is first introduced during Duke's CQC, entering the scene on a black, military grade Can-Am Spyder Roadster - wearing the trademark grey and black military fatigues of the Joes, as well as a black beret and combat vest. As per his introduction to the film, he is shown as being held in high regard to all members of GI Joe. He is quite cheerful in the training of Duke and Ripcord while Heavy Duty believed they wouldn't pass Stone believed they would. He is constantly optimistic of Duke's fight against Snake-Eyes and later congratulated him in being the first one to hit Snake-Eyes. It is unknown whether he survived the attack on the Pit as he was not seen during the attack.


Generation 3
Sgt Stone ROC 2009 Rise of Cobra (2009)

Sgt. Stone was released in 2009 as part of Series 2 of the Rise of Cobra toys.

Appearance: black beret; black short-sleeved shirt; black gloves; blue camouflage pants; black boots.

Accessories: black and gray vest; silver spring-loaded missile launcher with a silver stand; blue missile; black rifle; silver pistol; silver knife; silver cable; black display stand page/Filecard


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