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A hostage situation is happening inside an American PX (Post Exchange) in West Germany. Joes Chuckles, Low Light and Dial Tone have been observing for the last 12 hours. Using video tape from different sources Chuckles has nicknamed the four thieves Rudi, the leader, Carlos, the weapons expect, Jane, the dilettante, and Faoud the explosive experts. The thieves assaulted the PX in order to steal thousand of dollars from a safe. As they were exiting, two MP's were waiting outside by the exit. Faoud was the first out of the door and the MP's kill him. The MP's then force the thieves back into the PX. Since then there have been no demands and no communication.

A high jacked airplane lands at the airport. The Joes rush off to investigate, along the way Dial Tone discovers that there is an observer monitoring their route to the airport, plus he monitors communication between the airplane terrorists and the PX thieves. Chuckles calls in Lady Jaye, Scarlett and Jinx to help with situation.

Chuckles plan involves switching Scarlett, Lady Jaye and Jinx disguised as nurses with the PX employees. The thieves want an armored car. So an exchange happens; the female Joes for the armored car. The thieves handcuff and blindfold the female Joes and load them in the armored car.

Chuckles plan uses the spotter to their advantage. The route to airport has one area where the spotter can't see the car. The Joes are planning on taking out the thieves in this small blind spot. Chuckles, Low Light and Dial Tone jump on a train that meets the thieves coming from the other direction. Using the train's bell, they signal the female Joes inside the armor car. Scarlett cuffed to the rearview mirror temporary knocks out Carlos the driver, Jinx & Lady Jaye, in the back, defeat Jane and Rudi. Then Low Light & Dial Tone climb in the back door as Chuckles climbs in the front door. Carlos wakes up and Chuckles kills him. The car comes out of the blind spot just fine and the all clear is given to the terrorists holding the plane.

They arrive at the airport and the high jacked airplane. With Chuckles, Low Light and Dial Tone now disguised as the thieves escorting their hostage nurses. They gain access to the airplane. Once inside, Jinx knocks out the first terrorist, Claude and using him as a body shield shoots the next one, Stig. After the plane is clear, Chuckles quickly jumps on helicopter to go get the spotter.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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