The name Shipwreck refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Shipwreck.
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Shipwreck is a ship captain and former Cobra Industries worker who now charters people across the ocean for money on his vessel called Courtney after model Courtney Krieger along side his deck hand named Moon. Shipwreck got his nickname when he had his ship sunk by Cobra after he wouldn't dump some chemicals at sea on their behalf. So they sank his ship and blamed him for it. G.I. Joe ends up having to trade the Coyote in order to carry them on their ship to Washington D.C. During the cruise, the Joes container gets loose unleashing an energy-draining Techno-Viper that drains the electricity from the ship. Shipwreck ends up helping the Joes when it comes to stopping the Techno-Viper before it reaches a heavily-populated area.

Despite Shipwreck not wanting to lose another ship, the Joes had no choice but to sink his ship. They had to use fire extinguishers in order to take down the Techno-Viper instead of their plasma guns because it was feeding off its electricity and it hated the cold blasts from the extinguishers. Shipwreck still wouldn't lose Courtney causing Roadblock to drive the Coyote that the Techno-Viper leached itself onto into the water. Luckily, Courtney managed to catch the Coyote in its net, and Shipwreck gives Roadblock his beloved truck back. Then Shipwreck joins up with G.I. Joe when the Techno-Viper's signal is traced to Scotland, as he still has a score to settle with his old employer, Cobra Industries.

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