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Cobra's pursuit of the Joes continues, but new threats rise on Cobra Island and in Broca Beach.

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G.I. Joe Cobra Ninjas Broca Beach

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G.I. Joe Cobra

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Cobra Civilian

Memorable quotes

"According to this map, the Joes are heading for the border! If we follow this stream around the forest, we can get to the border before the Joes!"
"Brilliant idea... good thing I thought of it!"

--Sorry, S.A.W.-Viper, your idea just got stolen by Cobra Commander.

"You'd think there would be more jubilation after a clean sweep like this."
"When a soldier wins, somebody dies or something else gets destroyed, Big Ben. It's not something you can take a lot of satisfaction in and stay sane for too long."

--Big Ben is disappointed, but Hawk sets him straight.

Flint: "I can also infer from the garish hues of your outfits that this is not a covert operation!"
Clean-Sweep: "Affirmative on all counts! Polluters, defilers of rain forests and wasters of natural resources had best beware! And you don't get to be leader without a garish suit of your own!"
Ozone: "It's sludge-repellent as well as being made from recycled action figures!"

--The ideas may be stupid, but at least Larry Hama can still make fun of them.

Other notes


  • Stalker is back in his Arctic gear. He must have changed clothes between issues.

Items of note

  • First appearance: Cesspool, Clean-Sweep, Ozone, Headman, Headhunters, Hammerhead, "Red Master."
  • A footnote is needed to explain what GPS is and how it works. Feel old yet?
  • Ozone says the uniforms are made from recycled action figures, but amusingly, none of the Eco-Warriors molds had ever been used before.
  • The Sean in Broca Beach isn't Sean Collins, which suggests that just as every Crimson Guard becomes "Fred," every Fred's family gets a "Sean."


  • The dossier in this issue features Hawk.

Real-world references

  • With his gray hair, facial scar, shoulderpads and giant gun, Cesspool looks like Cable. He even has a metal arm!
  • Fred LXV is watching The Punisher.
  • The front cover's blurb, "The Secret of the Sludge," is a reference to the second TMNT movie.

Footnotes and References

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