Wild Bill and Scrap-Iron go fist-to-fist and barrel-to-barrel in a wild chase through the desert. The entire battle is told through radio transmissions as the G.I. Joe team and Cobra forces face off in a high-altitude - and high-attitude - pursuit!

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{{QuoteIt's an adventure over the airwaves as Wild Bill and Scrap-Iron go fist-to-fist and barrel-to-barrel in a high-speed chase through the scorching desert of the American Southwest. The entire issue unfolds through radio transmissions as G.I. Joe and Cobra take to the skies in a high-altitude pursuit. Over and out!|Inside front cover}}

In the American Southwest, Wild Bill and Airborne fly the Dragonfly XH-1 to Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, and Dial-Tone in the Night Ops Humvee. The three Joes are being pursued by five H.I.S.S. tanks

In another H.I.S.S., Destro spots the Dragonfly, and the Baroness orders Scrap-Iron to fire on them at Destro's command. Scrap-Iron ignores the order and fires. Wild Bill pilots the Dragonfly well enough to avoid the missile, and Airborne notes the pursuing H.I.S.S. tanks only have B.A.T.s.

Spotting Scrap-Iron and a Tele-Viper, Wild Bill decides they have to take them out before they can attack the H.I.S.S. tanks. Scrap-Iron uses himself and the Tele-Viper as bait to get in a closer shot and manages to hit the Dragonfly.

Injured but aloft, the Dragonfly manages to stay in the air and takes out two H.I.S.S. tanks. Taking a second pass, the Dragonfly destroys another H.I.S.S. when Scrap-Iron launches another rocket into it.

The Dragonfly crash lands into a ravine, just feet from the Tele-Viper and Scrap-Iron. Scrap-Iron fires his remaining missile, but Wild Bill ejects the cockpit and uses his pistols to deflect the rocket. Scrap-Iron runs off, but Wild Bill and Airborne capture the Tele-Viper.

Baroness calls the B.A.T. leader in the gunner seat of the remaining H.I.S.S. tank. the B.A.T. reports that the Humvee's gun appears out of ammo. Wild Bill catches up to Scrap-Iron, and a fist fight ensues. Snake-Eyes leaps from the Humvee and takes out the B.A.T. and the H.I.S.S. while Wild Bill knocks Scrap-Iron unconscious.

Airborne calls Dial-Tone to inform them they have two prisoners and are in need of a pick-up.


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  • The B.A.T.s manning the guns on the H.I.S.S. tanks are clearly drawn as Cobra Troopers on the double-page spread.

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  • All the dialogue in this issue takes the form of radio transmissions, with the color of the box showing who is speaking.

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