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G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 was a line of military-themed action figures and toys which appeared in the fall of 2005. The line was produced by Hasbro and continued the theme and characters established by G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

Initially the line consisted of 8 inch tall, highly articulated figures and vehicles designed for them. This new size was called Commando scale.

In 2006, Hasbro added range of toys called Mission scale that featured less articulated 2.5 inch figures and vehicles and accessories for them. All Mission scale toys came as sets including at least one figure and vehicle. Many included several figures representing both Joe and Cobra characters, allowing for immediate combat play. Sets included a "Mission Manual" outlining the conflict depicted by the toys.

Commando scale toys

Mission scale toys


Action sets

  • Avalanche: Long Range(arctic costume), Snow B.A.T., Frostfire Sled.
  • B.A.T. Attack: Cobra Commander, Heavy B.A.T., Ninja B.A.T., Sky B.A.T..
  • Circuit Breaker: Duke, Heavy B.A.T., Heavy Duty, Tunnel Rat.
  • Desert Blast: Duke, Sky B.A.T., Night Ranger Quad.
  • Nightblade: Kamakura, Ninja B.A.T., Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow.
  • Ninja Night Parachute: Sky B.A.T., Snake-Eyes, Snake-Eyes' parachute.
  • Secret Ninja Files: Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow with Ninja Lightning Cycle.
  • Shark bite: Duke (sea ops), Eel, Shark B.A.T..
  • Silent Entry: Duke, Sky B.A.T., Duke's glider.
  • Silent Venom: Baroness, Destro, Firefly.
  • Sky Cycle: Ninja B.A.T., Snake-Eyes with cycle, drop cage.
  • Unseen enemy: Hi-Tech (with H.O.U.N.D.), Snake-Eyes, Zartan.

Mission sets

  • Copter Countdown: Duke, Scarlett, Winged Fury.
  • Heatwave: Tunnel Rat, Dune Runner, drop cage.
  • Mech Strike: Destro, Mantis Mech, missile launcher.
  • Ocean Attack: Duke, Thunderwave, Jet ski, drop cage.
  • Razor's Edge: Firefly, Street Razor.
  • Steel Hammer: Atlas Mech with non-removable Duke.

Deluxe sets

  • Arctic V.A.M.P.. Includes Duke and Long Range (both in arctic costumes).
  • Dragonhawk. Includes Lt.Stone, Snake-Eyes, the Ninja Lightning Cycle and a drop cage.
  • Firebat. Can deploy a drone unit. Includes Cobra Pilot and Sky B.A.T.
  • H.I.S.S. Tank. Includes Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper.
  • Iron Hammer. Includes Hi-Tech and Snake-Eyes (Ninja Armor).
  • Night Ops V.A.M.P.. Includes Long Range and Snake-Eyes.
  • R.O.C.C.. Repackaged Direct to Consumer R.O.C.C.. Includes Long Range (same figure from the Night Ops V.A.M.P.).

Tube 3-packs

  • Duke, Long Range, Ninja B.A.T.
  • Duke, Snake-Eyes, Tunnel Rat.
  • Heavy Duty, Sky B.A.T., Snake-Eyes.


Action sets

  • Arctic Blast:
  • Dark Water:
  • Liquid Venom:
  • Ninja Trials:

Mission sets

  • Amazon Attack: Spirit, Panther Rail
  • Deep Sea Diversion: Tunnel Rat, Ghostshark.

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