This article is about the G.I. Joe Tiger Rat pilot - for the G.I. Joe jet fighter, see Skystriker XP-14F.

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Skystriker is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Flying has always been in Skystriker's blood. His father was a flight operations officer in the Air Force in Maryland. It should then come as no surprise that he would choose a career in the Air Force as a fighter pilot. Once he earned his "wings", Skystriker wasted no time in showing what he could do in the air. He could pull stunts like a double-looped nose dive in front of two enemy fighters and come up with aerial tactics that everyone swears they have never heard of. He makes pilots like Ace and Slip-Stream green with envy.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Skystriker served as a reserve member of G.I. Joe after its reinstatement. He was called back to the team during World War III, flying missions based from the U.S.S. Flagg.


Generation 1
Tiger Force Skystriker A Real American Hero (1988)

Skystriker was part of 1988's Tiger Force set, packaged with the Tiger Rat plane. He was the only new character introduced for the set.

Appearance: brown hair; yellow jacket with black stripes; orange shirt and pockets on jacket; dark grey pants with white panels on thighs; black straps; brown belt, gloves, and shoes

Accessories: reddish brown "Breaker" helmet; reddish brown "Thunder" headset; clear "Thunder" visor.

Variations: The panel on Skystriker's right leg is reversed on some figures. page/Filecard


  • The only new character in the Tiger Force series.
  • Russo's filecard says he flew X-30s during several runs on Cobra Island, suggesting he was just a character we hadn't met before.
  • Skystriker's action figure was primarily made with the same mold used to make the original Wild Weasel, while the head and helmet accessory was the same one used for Thunder.

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