The origin of Snake-Eyes' disfigurement.

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"Thinking about Strawhacker, too, sir? He never found out that it was his fiancee's brother who rescued him that time in the Middle East?"
"He never knew it was the same guy who got him out of the gulag in Borovia - but that's another story!"

--Stalker and Hawk are sharing flashbacks.[1]

Other notes


  • This story is set before issue #1, which introduces a few continuity problems:
    • Wild Bill and Doc are on the mission before they joined the team, yet Hawk and Rock 'n Roll before recognize them and call them by their codenames.[2]
    • In issue #11, Doc didn't know why Snake-Eyes wore a mask, but here he's shown to be present for the incident that caused it.
    • All the Cobra forces present are seen well before they were actually created.

Items of note

  • The Joes have apparently liberated Millville behind the scenes. Glad to see that major plot thread get wrapped up off-panel!
  • Roadblock asks Stalker to "do the honors" at Arlington - we'll see that next issue.
  • Who was in the second Joe copter?

Real-world references

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Footnotes and References

  1. Though Strawhacker somehow recognized Snake-Eyes when he was rescued from the Borovian gulag, this is not an error: Hawk says that he never realized the man who saved him in the gulag was the same one who had rescued him in the Middle East; that simply means he never found out who the man in the desert was.
  2. It's possible they were recruited precisely because they'd both worked with the Joes before.

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