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The name Snake-Eyes refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Snake-Eyes.

Snake-Eyes is a G.I. Joe character from the IDW continuity.
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Snake-Eyes is a ninja and a commando on the Joe team.


Comics continuity

  • Snake-Eyes was a deatched airborne ranger doing alot of black ops. He had his face mangled in a black-bag op in an unknown place. He was also with Chimera in and ultra-hush Op in Central America years ago. He was at the Las Vegas Center for reconstructive surgery when the Chimera blew it up, eliminating records of the Chimera's new face and further mangling Snake-Eyes face. Snake-Eyes has the Arashikage tatoo and has ninja training.
  • Within the G.I. Joe team, Snake Eyes has been shown to have a close bond with Stalker, Scarlett, and Helix, the latter being one of the few Joes to best the ninja in single combat due to her "total battlefield awareness." When questioned by Alpine (SE:CCW #1) about what "the deal" is between the her and the silent ninja, Helix replied that there is "no deal" - that Snake Eyes chooses her for his team because her skill set gives them an edge over the enemy, and that she willingly partners with him because "he always comes back."
  • Snake Eyes's relationship with Scarlett is more complex. Initially, Scarlett felt a deep guilt over her role in further scarring Snake Eyes's face during the battle with Chimera (Origins). An off-panel friendship formed between them, strong enough that when Snake Eyes went rogue in pursuit of the mysterious group called Cobra, Scarlett acted as his source back at Joe HQ, sending him leads and checking out the evidence he sent her way. When Scarlett's activity was uncovered and she was court martialed, with a possible sentence of death as a result, Hawk orderd her to use her connection to the ninja to reel him in. Instead, she sent Snake Eyes a coded message telling him that her position had been compromised and that he needed to run for it. Snake Eyes chose to return to the states, enlisting the help of fellow rogue Joe Mainframe, and together they brought information back to Hawk that cleared their names and Scarlett's as well. Subsequent interactions between Snake Eyes and Scarlett have been rocky, to say the least. While grateful that he returned to save her, Scarlett is also distressed that Snake Eyes is still very much a loner and appears both hurt and jealous that he has taken to partnering with Helix for missions rather than accepting her help. Snake Eyes, for his part, does seem to have some degree of feelings for Scarlett, but appears guarded in responding to her obvious affection for him.


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