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Sneak Peek is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Being the forward observer means being the most careful, most patient, most observant and most resourceful person out in the field and, arguably, the world. Sneak Peek is all that and more. He is so very dedicated to his profession that story of the one time his unit was overrun they had to pull back but he never received the signal for retreat. Eventually, somebody figured out that he's alive and still out in the field. All that time, he managed to gain two weeks worth of valuable information on enemy strength and personalities.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel

Action Force (British) Comics continuity

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Generation 1
Sneak-Peek A Real American Hero (1987)

Sneak Peek was available in single carded form and first sold in 1987 and then discontinued in 1988.

Appearance: grey helmet with black goggles; grey shirt with red collar and pads on chest and arms; grey gloves and pants; black boots; hook on green belt to hold binoculars

Accessories: long black mic attaching to hole in helmet; black "Footloose" M-16; large, light green periscope with detachable handle and side clip; black communicator attaching to periscope; flat, black binoculars with strap. page/Filecard

Night Force Sneak-Peek A Real American Hero (1988)

The Night Force version of Sneak Peek was sold in 1988 exclusively through Toys "Я" Us where he was available in a two-pack with Lt. Falcon.

Appearance: black helmet with red goggles; grey shirt with black collar and pads on chest and arms; black gloves; green pants; black boots; hook on green belt to hold binoculars

Accessories: black mic; black M-16; black periscope with handle and clip; black communicator and binoculars. page/Filecard


  • Named for the son of Stephen King, an avid G.I. Joe fan as a youngster. Apparently Hasbro extended this honor in return for Stephen (or Owen, depending on who's telling the story) creating Crystal Ball.

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