The name Soft Master refers to several versions of the same character.
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Soft Master is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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The Soft Master was one of the Arashikage ninja masters who taught Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. His brother is none other than the Hard Master.


Comics continuity

After the Hard Master's death, the Soft Master acquired a Cuban-Chinese restaurant as a cover and a base to investigate his brother's murder. He was convinced that the murderer was Storm Shadow. He and Snake-Eyes had the arrow that had killed the Hard Master, and it had Storm Shadow's sigils. Storm Shadow arrived and took the Arrow. The resulting fight between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow attracted the police's attention [1].

Some time later, the Soft Master went to Springfield to investigate the Hard Master's murder. He arrived to the Police department, subdued the cops and checked their computer, seeking information[2].

He discovered who was the real murderer, but police reinforcements arrived and he had to escape, followed by Buzzer, Firefly and Scrap-Iron. During his escape, the Soft Master took a police car and crashed with a station wagon. The Soft Master could leave, but he returned to save the people inside the wagon (Billy, Candy Appel and the man who had brought the Soft Master to Springfield). Scrap-Iron shot the station wagon, but the Soft Master intercepted the missile and was killed by the shot.


Firefly then ordered to Scrap-Iron also shoot the station wagon. So, the Soft Master's last noble act was meaningless (or so Buzzer says, but Firefly is repulsed by him (perhaps acknowledging the honor of Soft Master's sacrifice)). [3]

It is possible that Soft Master was a well-traveled man, indicated by the various stickers on his suitcase, including: Tibet, Rangoon, Paris, Britain, and Tierra Del Fuego.[2]

After his death, while explaining some Arashikage history to Billy, Jinx and Blind Master point out Soft Master in an old family photo[4]:



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