Manhattan is the first of several Special Missions one-shot comics produced by Devil's Due Publishing.

Detailed summary

A reserve team of Joes are called to duty to assault a building in New York City. This building contains an old toxin that Cobra created that a recent terrorist group has gotten hold of. This small Joe team, consisting of Cover-Girl, Beach-Head, Mercer, Tunnel Rat and Lowlight, is assigned the task of securing the building and capturing the toxin.

The joes enter the building but run into an unexpected enemy, Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin is a specially trained Cobra agent and he too is after the toxin. He plans to escape with it. He attacks Mercer and manages to capture his prize, but only momentarily. Mercer and the other joes surround him and take him into custody.

Later they are relaxing when Airtight and Stalker come and greet them. Airtight explains that the whole mission was a deliberate set-up to capture Neurotoxin. The cobra toxin was a fake. The joes can't help but laugh.


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