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The Baroness discovers a conch shell whose song hypnotizes men. She uses the shell to seize control of Cobra and capture most of the Joes. One of the Crimson Twins aids Scarlett, Lady Jaye, and Cover Girl in rescuing their companions.



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Memorable quotes

  • "Someone has to show those fools how to fight!"
--Destro, furious that the Cobra troops are bumbling their way through yet another firefight.


Animation and technical errors

  • When Duke, Gung-Ho and the other Joes are first hypnotized in Alaska with the siren song, their eyes appear normal. When The Baroness attacks Joe HQ with the siren song, all the Joes' eyes suddenly glow an ethereal white. But when the female Joes attack Cobra HQ, their eyes are back to normal again even though they are still under the spell of the conch.

Continuity errors

  • When the Baroness and her detachment of female troops attack Joe HQ, they pipe the siren song through a PA system, enthralling all the males inside the HQ. As Destro was housed in one of the detention cells inside Joe HQ, he also should have been affected by the siren song, but he walks out seemingly none the worse for wear.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The Baroness notes that her family members have been bred as rulers for generations, lending more credence to her "Baroness" title.
  • The Baroness reconsiders hypnotizing Destro with the siren song when Destro points out that being a ruler is an empty gesture unless you have someone to share an empire with, something that the maniacal Cobra Commander never understood.
  • Cobra apparently has a large number of female troopers, enough to continue running the organization (in the short-term at least) after most of its male members have been hypnotized. The same could be said about G.I. Joe as well.
  • Just like when Quick-Kick used one in The Pyramid of Darkness, Cobra rifles are shown to also fire beams when the Joes use them in the enemy hanger bay near the end.

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