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Spirit is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series. He is sometimes referred to as Spirit Iron-Knife.
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Spirit is mysterious. He's mysterious not because he wouldn't tell people his secrets but because you can't figure him out. He went through the education and rites of a Shaman and became a mystic himself. He's a medicine man but he's not a doctor, he performs rituals but he's no priest, he knows how to fix what ails you that he couldn't be a quack. He is so attuned to nature and his surroundings that his tracking skills just may be second to none. He can read even the faintest of trail signs. As a Native American mystic warrior with a degree in psychology, he has a whole different perspective on how his quarry thinks and moves.

Spirit was raised to respect nature and in the ways of his ancestors. His family was poor but he made extra money as a hunting guide during high school. After graduating, he enlisted in the Army and even saw action in Southeast Asia as a member of long range recon patrols. He returned to civilian life and completed his education but re-enlisted once more, an action very few people may ever understand. He is familiar with most NATO small arms and is proficient with the compound bow and throwing knife.



A Real American Hero Continuity[]

Marvel Comics Continuity[]

Spirit appears frequently in the comics right from his debut. An early mission includes teaming up with Airborne to rescue Snake-Eyes from Destro, Firefly and one of the Fred series. During the firefight and subsequent hunting, he helps save those present from an angry bear (throwing explosives around its neck).

Spirit also helps out when the Joes are attempting to free Springfield from Cobra control- his group trains some of the local teenagers to fight Cobra, but Spirit grimly notes that some of them are too eager to commit violence, while another is suffering from shell-shock. He does not say they shouldn't have helped those kids, but points out that "these kids can never go back to being kids again".

Devil's Due Comics Continuity[]

G.I. Joe Reloaded[]

G.I. Joe vs. Transformers[]

Action Force (British) Comics Continuity[]

Charlie Iron-Knife was born the Grand Canyon, Arizona.[1] He was part of a G.I. Joe team in the Latin American country of Sao Cristobel who prevented Cobra from securing a nuclear warhead.[2]

Blackthorne Comics Continuity[]

Dreamwave Comics Continuity[]

Hasbro Comics Continuity[]

Animated Continuity[]

Sunbow Animated Series[]

Voiced by: Gregg Berger

Spirit is a major character in the Sunbow series, appearing frequently throughout the run. He is initially given a rivalry with Storm-Shadow (before this switches to Quick Kick), and is a big part of many later episodes, being annoyed by Quick Kick's movie quotes, etc.


Spirit from the A Real American Hero animated Continuity.

DiC animated series[]

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Generation 1
Spirit A Real American Hero (1984)

Spirit was part of the 1984 series of A Real American Hero toys. He came with his pet eagle, Freedom. Spirit is the second character issued with an animal sidekick, a feature that became increasingly popular.

Appearance: black hair braided on sides and red headband; light blue short-sleeved shirt with red undershirt and stripes on sleeves; beige holster and pants; brown boots

Accessories: large, olive-green arrow backpack; olive-green auto-arrow rifle; brown belt with red loincloth; brown and white bald eagle named Freedom. page/Filecard

Spirit 1989 A Real American Hero (1989)

A re-colored version of Spirit's original figure was part of the 1989 Slaughter's Marauders subset. A note of interest is that his filecard has erroneously listed his birthplace as Grand Canyon, Arizona. His second occupational specialty was changed to cartography.

Appearance: black hair braided on sides and blue headband; short-sleeved shirt striped brown, yellow-green, dark green; blue undershirt, gloves, and boots; pants striped dark green, yellow-green, dark green, and brown; black belt and boots

Accessories: black "Spirit" backpack; black "Spirit" auto-arrow rifle; black "Spirit" belt with brown loincloths; brown and white bald eagle named Freedom. page/Filecard

Air Commandos Spirit A Real American Hero (1992)

In 1992, Spirit was designated as leader of the Air Commandos subteam. In the filecard, his birthplace is corrected back to Taos, New Mexico.

Appearance: long black hair with red and white headband; sleeveless neon green vest with black trim and grenades; red gloves; blue pants with black belt and light brown boots.

Accessories: black pistol (new, "Chief's assault gun"); red, white, and blue glider with Joe logo. page/Filecard

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International Action Force (1993)
Spirit is included in the limited edition International Action Force pack that is mail orderable from Hasbro. The other figures included in the pack are Big Ben, Big Bear and Budo.
Generation 2
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Online exclusive (2005)
An online exclusive version of Spirit was available as part of the direct-to-consumer series. For this edition, he is renamed as Spirit Iron-Knife.
2005 filecard
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Comic Pack (2006)
A contest was held which G.I. Joe comic published by Devil's Due would be included as part of Hasbro's G.I. Joe Comic Packs. The eventual winner was G.I. Joe #16. He is packaged together with Agent Courtney Krieger, Hannibal: Reborn and a copy of the comic.
Comic Pack filecard


  • Since Snake Eyes was only a small part of the cartoon, Storm Shadow instead seemed to have a rivalry with Spirit, a pairing not repeated in any other sources. It was never explained how a Native American tracker was supposed to be an equal for a trained ninja, although in the comic they were both Long Range Recon Patrol soldiers.
  • Even though it's mandatory that men serving in the military cut their hair short, Spirit has long hair. This is likely due to the fact that members of Delta anti-terrorist units are given greater leeway in personal appearance since they often have to go undercover, and "military" haircuts would be a dead giveaway that they were US Army personnel.[3]

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  3. The non-standard haircuts and facial hair restrictions for Delta anti-terrorist operatives were discussed in Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War by Mark Bowden

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