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Cobra has established a secret installation on a remote island with heavy security. Monitored by both sonar and radar, its coast is patrolled by fierce Cobra Lamprey troopers and its water populated by hungry sharks. But this ocean outpost proves surprisingly vulnerable when Duke shows up for a one man commando assault.

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The Cobra sonar and radar monitoring station is run by a small putt putt generator. So to shut down the defenses this generator must be shut down.

Duke avoids a shark attack by dropping his propeller backpack into the mouth of the shark and he turns around stabbing the shark causing it to bleed. On the island the sonar alerts the Cobras to the shark attack. They send in two Cobra Lamprey troopers on a Hydro-sled. Once they arrive they immediately jump in the water to discover the dying bleeding shark and several more circling them. The sharks attack all at once setting off more sonar alarms, which the Cobra forces then react to by sending all of the remaining Lamprey troops just leaving the Techno-Vipers to man the monitoring station.

Duke, sneaks up behind the dock and places a timed bomb on boat, the timer reads 10:00 and counting down.

Once the additional Lampreys arrive they are also attacked by a pod of sharks. Duke continues his underwater swimming toward the shore but as he passes the dock a Lamprey trooper is waiting. An underwater knife fight happens as they both sink to the bottom.

Having survived the shark attack, the Lamprey troopers return to the dock. As they are relaying their shark attack survival stories a Lamprey trooper comes up out of the water. And just waves and walks off towards land. But one of the Cobra Lampreys notices that the air hose to the scuba gear is cut. As he yells the Lamprey, which is actually Duke in disguise, takes off running, the body of the dead lamprey floats to the surface.

Duke is making his way to the monitor station with the Lampreys on his heals. Duke uses some tricks and the Lampreys are diverted back to the dock, where the timer he set earlier blows up the dock and most of them with it.

In a Tomahawk helicopter piloted by Lift-Ticket, Scarlett shows Snake-Eyes, Gung-Ho and Heavy Duty that the monitoring system is still active. And there course is right over the island Duke is on.

Just as the Tomahawk shows up on the radar Duke fires his pistol disabling the putt putt generator and there by disabling the monitoring system. The Cobra Techno-Vipers scatter just as Scarlett and crew pass by safely waving to Duke who then jumps in the water.


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  • This comic was only available to purchase through It was given out as an incentive if $25 worth of certain G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra items were purchased.
  • This story was originally intended to be part of a Resolute-themed Comic Pack, featuring Diver Duke and Cobra Lamprey. When the Comic Pack was cancelled, the Resolute logo was removed from the cover.
  • "Duke" sure looks an awful lot like Wet-Suit.

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