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Lady Jaye and an injured Hawk fight through Borovia, gaining the help of the White Clown and Magda. Meanwhile, Firefly heads back to Cobra Island to blackmail Cobra Commander.

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Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra Borovians Others
  • Cameraman (7)
  • Television reporter (6)

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Other notes


  • The ninjas use "The Sleeping Phoenix" to hide from the scanning crew - that's the healing technique Storm Shadow used to remain alive when he was shot by Baroness.[1] The technique Snake-Eyes used to feign death was "The Way of the Anvil."[2]
  • "Halliburton" should have two L's.

Items of note

  • Bezpo stands for "Bezpiecszenstow Policja" - try saying that five times fast!
  • Road Pig uses a chainsaw, instead of his usual cinder-block-on-a-stick. Maybe he borrowed it from Buzzer.


  • The dossier in this issue features Torpedo.

Real-world references

  • Studs was an extremely short-lived and obscure dating game in the early '90s.
  • Firefly asks for $2.5 million in a Zero Halliburton briefcase. When that fails, he haggles for $1 million in a Kmart bag.
    • Zero Halliburton is the company that makes the fancy metal briefcase often seen in movies and tv shows,[3] and should not be confused with the energy company that's about as close to a real-life Cobra as we've got.

Footnotes and References

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