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Steel Brigade 1987.jpg A Real American Hero (1987)

The Steel Brigade was first available in 1987 as a mail-in offer from Hasbro Direct. The offer was hyped as a "personalized" figure, and came with a personalized bio certificate. It essentially was a figure made up of repainted parts from other figures with the head being the only original piece.

From the years 1987 through 1994, Steel Brigade figures were offered off and on from Hasbro Direct. As the years passed, different parts of different figures were recolored and used to create new variations of the Steel Brigade figure.

Appearance: green and silver helmet with black visor and underside; light blue shirt; green vest with black strap and gloves; beige pants with green kneepads and black or silver belt and black boots

Accessories: light green "Airborne" backpack; one of several rifles. (see Trivia, below) page

Additionally, Red Zone, Rook and Checkpoint were members of the Steel Brigade, released in the Plague Troopers vs. Steel Brigade 6-pack with Plague members Guillotine, Gallows and Grim Skull.


  • The Steel Brigade filecard was fully personalized. Buyer selected code name, characterization (leader, corpsman, or loner), best situation, personality, service branch, military specialties, weapons expertise, martial arts expertise, and training.
  • A prototype in a dark blue uniform is known to exist.
  • There are at least six released variants for the Steel Brigade trooper. They differ primarily in the parts used to construct the figure. There was quite a bit of overlap in the release of these variants, except that Variant F was not released before 1992:
A: Airborne chest, Scrap-Iron legs
B: Duke chest, Scrap-Iron legs
C: Airborne legs, Gung-Ho waist
D: Airborne legs, Cobra Trooper waist
E: Scrap-Iron legs, Cobra Trooper waist
F: gold helmet and green chest
  • Variant A and some D's came with a dark grey "Airborne" Car-15 rifle; Variants B and C came with a dark grey "Crimson Guard" bayonet rifle; Variants E, F and the remaining D's came with a black "Recoil" machine gun.

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