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Steel Raven is a S.K.A.R. character from the Extreme series.
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Steel Raven has earned the reputation of the "Most Dangerous Woman Alive", and she has earned it with blood and sweat. Joined S.K.A.R. at a very young age and quickly rose through their ranks, as a force to be reckoned with. Steel Raven lost her eye while in the service to S.K.A.R. and it is believed to have been while protecting Iron Klaw himself. She is directly responsible for and in command of, all operations of the special forces Units, both in field operations and recruitment. She handpicks each recruit that enters the special forces program and then oversees their training and then finally leads them into battle personally.


Animated continuity

Steel Raven First shows up in episode 11 Winner takes all, when she stops Rampage from seeing Iron Klaw personally, and states that no one can see him except her. She is shown a few more times in season 1 in only 2-3 episodes. Each time she is in the close company of Iron Klaw.

In season 2 she takes on a major role in the series and also gets an updated uniform to go with it. She does appear to be a little older in season 2 than season 1 and her hair is black instead of brown, but it's the same character, just been updated a little.


There wasn't any Steel Raven figure in the G.I.Joe Extreme toyline.

she will get her first toy in the Fss 5.0:!


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