Stephen Sommers is an American film writer, director and producer best known for the movies: The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and cult favorite Deep Rising.

Early works

As a director, Sommers' first known work is the 1989 Catch Me If You Can, not to be confused with the one directed by Steven Spielberg. But it was the 1993 Disney film The Adventures of Huck Finn that got him some attention, the screenplay for which he also wrote.

The film that really put him on the Hollywood map is 1999's The Mummy.

Work in G.I. Joe

When development for live-action G.I. Joe movie finally got under way, Paramount chose him to direct the picture and the news was announced on August 2007. Previously, it was rumored that he was in the running but dropped out. Variety magazine adds that, "accelerated schedule began right after Sommers pitched a version of a film based on the Hasbro toy line to Paramount topper Brad Grey and production president Brad Weston on Wednesday evening. He was hired in the room."[1] [2]

Current work

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