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Free from all ties to G.I.Joe and Cobra, Tommy Arashikage searches for his own path, but it seems that his path is ever destined to lead to trouble...

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Storm Shadow faces the assassins of a woman named Pale Peony, who leaves taking Tiff, Storm Shadow's niece, with herself.

The next day, elsewhere, two men are seen discussing what happened last night. The defeated assassins were former Night-Creepers, and according to one of them, Jilf Sgrobe, despite the failure, Pale Peony has the girl, so there's room to negotiate. The other man warns Sgrobe about failure, pointing at a bowling ball with a skull inside it.

Someplace else, Pale Peony communicates with a man (who we later find is the former Night-Creeper Leader) who tells her that Sgrobe reported the displeasure of their client, who is anxious for the delivery of a package, and/or pertinent data about something called the "Morning Star". The package was seemingly stolen by Storm Shadow, and Pale Peony asks Night Creeper Leader if he has found what "Morning Star" is. He answers that he's working on it.

At Chicago, Storm Shadow has a meeting with a hacker named Adam, who worked for Dr. Venom. They check a CD with basic info about Night Creeper Leader and Pale Peony, whose mother was russian and her father was from the Yakuza. That guides Storm Shadow to the Moscow-Ya diner on Devon Street. When he asks for the blonde Eurasian lady, everybody tries to kill him.

Meanwhile in Zurich, Night Creeper Leader talks with Crystal Ball while they are being manicured. He wants Crystal Ball to use his hypnotic skills on Tiff. Elsewhere, Pale Peony and Tiff are picked by a helicopter, then we find that they were inside a truck, and the helicopter is carrying the trailer now.

At Chicago, Storm Shadow poisons a man called "Magic Joe" and gives him the antidote in exchange for information about Margaita "Pale Peony" Shiro.

At the Pearson Airport in Toronto, the Trailer with Pale Peony and Tiff is put into an airplane and sets off. At Zurich, Night-Creeper Leader is told that the package has left Pearson and is in transit to the client.

In another part of the world, the client tells Sgrobe that Pale Peony is former russian security forces and used to work for him, so she keeps him informed, then he knows she's already on her way with the girl, and he is sure that Tommy "Storm Shadow" Arashikage is on his way as well, all the pieces in motion to arrive there... to Moscow.


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